We have trained hundreds of technicians and doctors in the art of follicular unit hair transplantation, Hair Restoration Trainingincluding automated FUE (Neograft).  We teach the proper method to obtain real follicular unit grafts, this is vital for producing great hair transplant results.  Training is offered on 2 separate levels, for surgeons and staff who are new to the hair restoration profession, and experienced hair transplant doctors with existing technicians.

We have access to the latest instruments for both Automated FUE and High Density Follicular Unit hair transplants.  We bring these instruments with us during hair restoration staffing and training assignments so you have a chance to try them before spending thousands of dollars on instruments and supplies.

Our training is designed specifically for each individual hair transplant surgeon’s practice, more comprehensive for new practices and Efficiency and Effectiveness training for established clinics.  We film our training with HD video for you to keep and use as a reference.  Training is included with all staffing assignments.

Our hair restoration training courses are directed by 2 of the most experienced hair restoration technicians in the profession.  Wil Martinez and Ron Kirk have been working together since 1994, they started teaching hair transplant techniques in 1995.  They are well-known among ISHRS and ABHRS surgeons, they have attended and taught at the majority of Hair Restoration meetings over the last 19 years.  They have held corporate level positions at the largest Hair Restoration companies in the world.  They both assist hair transplant surgeons with FUE / Neograft and Follicular Unit hair restoration on a daily basis and operate training workshops every month.

Contact us for hair restoration training information and a schedule of courses.  386-479-3629

Advanced FUE training in both Neograft and S.A.F.E. System.

FUE Training

Neograft Training

Neograft FUE