Hair Transplant Technicians

Give your Hair Transplant patients the Best Results with our Technicians.  We have over 10 years of Experience assisting ISHRS and ABHRS surgeons.  Our team was the 1st in the country to be Certified in Neograft and ARTAS FUE Technology.

We are one of the few teams left in the U.S. that have the Expertise to assist you with FUT Hair Transplantation.  We developed an FUT/FUE combination procedure that eliminates the fear of a permanent linear donor scar.  This increases the pool of Surgical Hair Restoration candidates allowing you to help more people.

Better Hair Transplant Results

New FUE Technology can only take you so far in producing Natural and Undetectable results.  Our Team has assisted in thousands of procedures, transplanting millions of Follicular Unit grafts.  Our Experienced Hair Techs bring a level of Artistry and Consistency to enhance your surgical skills.  Combining Neograft and ARTAS devices with great technicians will give you the advantage over your competitors.

The best and busiest hair clinics in the world employ the most talented staff.  Hair Transplant Technicians have always been the engine that drives this profession.  Follicular Unit Extraction procedures have improved this segment of cosmetic surgery, there is a downside.  50% of all procedures performed today are FUE.  In the last 4 years, there have been over 300 FUE devices sold in the U.S.  Unfortunately, there has not been an increase in qualified technicians.  Some techs have entered this profession with as little as 4 weeks of training.


Hair Transplant Surgery in Florida

Hair Transplant Orlando
Imagine Yourself with Hair

If you are looking for the Best Options to treat your Hair Loss and you live in Florida or Georgia visit Central Florida’s number 1 choice for FUE (Neograft) or FUT with Trichophytic Donor Closure, call 855-953-9900 to learn about Central Florida Hair Restoration.

  • Full-Time staff with over 13 years of Experience.
  • Started FUE in 2004.
  • Only office in Central Florida that does not charge “Per Graft”.
  • Visit Orlando’s most Experienced Neograft (FUE) provider.
  • Uses Follicular Unit Grafts, for Proven, Better Results.
  • Hair Transplant prices 5,000 to 7,000 for FUE and FUT.