Hair Transplant Technicians

Our Experienced and Certified Hair Transplant Technicians have been assisting Hair Transplant Surgeons for over 15 Hair Transplant Staffing and Trainingyears.  We are Independent of any large corporations or FUE Device companies. We can save you up to 40 % on your FUE and FUT Staffing Cost and provide your hair restoration practice with Patient Leads and FUE Training.

We have Experienced Technicians located from Texas to New York to support hair restorations doctors who use the best FUE devices such as AlphaGraft, ATERA FUE, and ARTAS.  These FUE devices are proven to deliver the best hair transplant results.

FUE Hair Transplant Technicians

  • Should Have at Least 10 Years of Hair Restoration Experience.
  • Should have a background in both FUE and FUT procedures.
  • Provide proof of Experience and Hair Transplant Results.
  • Be Independent Contractors that are not employed by FUE device companies.

Florida Based FUE Technicians

Our Florida based FUE hair transplant technicians have been assisting FUE procedures since 2004,  We can assist your FUE hair restoration clinic with complete teams of experienced and certified technicians in all FUE devices.  Since we are located in Florida your hair transplant practice will save thousands every month on FUE staffing.