Hair Transplant Technicians have been providing hair restoration staffing and training for Independent Tair Transplant Technicians hair restoration surgeons since 2003.  We have assisted our surgeons in over 10,000 hair transplant procedures.  Our technicians are experienced in both FUE (Neograft) and Follicular Unit procedures.

We can provide you with any number of hair transplant technicians depending on your staffing needs.  All of our technicians have a minimum of 7 years of experience, with an average of 10.  We work closely with our surgeons to provide quality technicians at the most affordable price.


Our Personal and Professional Standards

We take great pride in following and exceeding the Ethical standards recognized by the ISHRS and ABHRS.  We assist surgeons throughout the U.S. and Internationally.  We follow Standards of Care in Hair Restoration Surgery along with State’s Laws.  We only assist with doctors who have the highest levels of ethics and surgical training.  Our technicians exceed the ISHRS ethics rules by having no criminal history and no complaints from State’s Medical Boards.

The Difference:

We are the only hair transplant technician staffing group that has full-time employees.  This ensures that your patients receive consistent high level hair transplant results, we are so confident in our abilities that we guarantee our work.  If you ever need to do a “touch up” for any reason we will be there for you.

We can provide staffing at multiple locations on the same day because we have the most experienced and largest team of hair restoration technicians.  We can help you if your regular technicians cancel on you at the last minute.

Our technicians are located in multiple cities to provide you with the most Flexible and Affordable staffing options for Neograft, FUE, and Follicular Unit hair transplant procedures.

We refer hair loss patients to our doctors for no additional fees.  We have an extensive on-line and local marketing presence to increase the number of procedures that you perform each month.

We have the most experience of any hair transplant staffing group working today in helping you integrate a successful hair restoration program into your practice, this includes Advanced FUE, Neograft, and Follicular Unit hair transplantation.  We work closely with hair restoration industry leaders in Marketing and Equipment to provide the most proven staffing and training service.

We have experienced technicians throughout the U.S. and Europe.  Please call 386-479-3629 to learn more.

Hair Transplant Technicians Staffing and Training Advantages

  • Most experienced and longest history of Staffing and Training.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Advanced FUE techniques that will enhance Neograft by decreasing transection and improving results.
  • All technicians have at least 7 years of experience.
  • We can assist you with adding PRP and Acell.
  • We have never missed a scheduled hair transplant procedure.
  • Flexible pricing enabling you to compete in today’s crowded hair restoration market.
  • No contracts.


Call 386-479-3629 to schedule a technician for hair transplant staffing or training.  Training for doctors available by experienced hair restoration surgeons utilizing ARTAS, Neograft and Follicular Unit hair transplantation.

Our Hair Restoration technicians provide more than outstanding staffing and training for hair restoration surgeons, we enhance your practice with our years of experience.  We have performed over 20,000 hair restoration procedures producing great results.  Our technicians can assist you with equipment selection and marketing advice to create a successful hair restoration practice.

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